Help beat Hepatitis and DCM

The Dobermann, beloved for its intelligence and trainability, suffers from severe hereditary conditions, such as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and Dobermann Hepatitis. Both diseases are difficult to treat, and are responsible for the death of many dogs. 


Doing a deed for the Dobermann in need!  


The Expertisecentre of  Genetics of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University is developing new methods to combat hereditary diseases in Dobermanns. That's why the research team is working on creating DNA tests that can help prevent these diseases in future generations. We aim to prevent Dobermanns being born with predispositions to these severe illnesses. 



Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference in the health and future of the Dobermann. United, we can make a difference for the Dobermann! 



Get involved

Dobermann owners: participate in our studies!


Are you the owner of a Dobermann and do you want to make a significant contribution to research conducted by veterinary specialists at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht? This way, your Dobermann has a chance at a healthier and longer life, and you contribute to veterinary medicine. If you want to participate in our study to DCM or Dobermann Hepatitis, send an e-mail to


Fundraise with us 


Doing a deed for the Dobermann in need! Start your initiative, individually or as a team, and work towards a healthier future for this breed. Collect bottles, organize a charity run, sell homemade goodies – do you have a specific idea? For more inspiration, check out all the initiatives launched for Friends of Veterinary Medicine. Need help? Contact us at