Frequently Asked Questions


Why donate to Utrecht University? 

The university plays a vital role in society through its scientific research and by educating young people. The government is an important financier for the university’s activities, but it is certainly not the only one. Contributions from companies and private individuals are a valuable supplement to government funding. Often, these contributions are for the benefit of a subject that holds the giver’s personal interest, or is for the public good.


What is the role of Friends of VetMed? 

The mission of Friends of Veterinary Medicine is to support research and education in the fields of animal health and welfare and specialist veterinary care. To that end, the foundation raises funds that are 100% dedicated to the chosen research or education project.


What is the affiliation of VetMed with Utrecht University Fund? 

Friends of Veterinary Medicine is a registered fund that supports research and education in the fields of animal health and welfare and specialist veterinary care, and falls under the remit of the Utrecht University Fund. The mission of the Utrecht University Fund is to support research and education throughout Utrecht University as a whole. The Utrecht University Fund has many years of experience in this role, and Friends of Veterinary Medicine utilises many of their facilities and advice in order to guarantee a high level of quality.


What are the fiscal benefits of making a donation? 

Friends of Veterinary Medicine is registered with the Tax Authority as a Public Benefit Organisation. This gives our donors certain fiscal benefits: A Public Benefit Organisation is exempt from gift and inheritance taxes on gifts and inheritances to be used for the public good. Expenditures made by a Public Benefit Organisation in the public interest are exempt for the right of donation. This means that 100% of the money donated to the University Fund goes to the projects for which it was intended. Donations made to an institution registered as a Public Benefit Organisation may be deducted from income or corporate taxes, subject to the applicable regulations. For more information about fiscal issues, please call the Belastingtelefoon hotline at 0800 – 0543 or visit


What happens if the fundraising target is not met?

In that case, we look for other sources of financing. We will also keep the donors who have contributed via the crowdfunding website informed of the latest developments.


Is your question not on this list? 

Please email us at: and we will answer your question(s) as soon as possible.