A wonderful donation from the 'Labrador Kring Nederland'

05 June 2021 09:00

The Labrador retriever is an enormously popular breed. And with good reason: Labradors are friendly, hardworking dogs with an enthusiastic character. They are popular as pets or hunting dog, and due to their sweet and stable character they’re also frequently used as assistance or guide dogs. 

To keep the breed healthy, the Expertise Centre Genetics of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is working hard to identify disease-causing genetic mutations in Labrador retrievers. By combining several research studies, more results can be achieved for this beautiful breed. The ultimate goal is to better understand the hereditary background of genetic diseases in Labrador retrievers, allowing the development of more effective diagnostics or therapies.

Thanks to a wonderful donation from the “Labrador Kring Nederland”, we are able to take very important steps
in the research. Nicole van der Windt, Labrador Kring Nederland: "Promoting health is an important pillar within our breed club. Unfortunately, we also have to deal with several disorders in the Labrador that do not benefit the health of the breed. That’s why the Labrador Kring Nederland supports this research and we’re very pleased to be able to contribute to a healthy future for the Labrador."

Friends of VetMed would like to thank Labrador Kring Nederland for their very generous donation. Together, we’re working towards a healthy future for Labradors!