Against polymyositis in the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

The problem

The Kooikerhondje is one of nine Dutch dog breeds. Several disorders of this fun breed have been mapped and solved. Unfortunately, some Kooiker dogs develop polymyositis, a serious muscle disease that often has a fatal outcome.

Young dogs can suddenly develop the disease, which becomes manifest by difficulty with swallowing and walking. The dogs can be stabilized with medication for a limited period of time. This study is directed at the gene mutations that cause this disease.


What we want to do

We have identified an important inherited risk factor, but not every dog that has it becomes ill. We want to know why some of these dogs become ill and others not. With the aid of the Fit2Breed tool of the Expertise Centre for Veterinary Genetics we will reduce the frequency of the risk factor. When we know which additional factors are involved we can direct the tool with more precision.

We want to identify additional inherited risk factors by comparison of the DNA of diseased animals with DNA of Kooiker dogs that are at risk but have reached high age in good health. Of course, our ultimate goal is to eradicate this awful disease.


What we need

To conduct this study properly we need 10,000 euro each year.

We are greatful for any contribution, great or small! In this way we can get closer and closer to a solution of this dreadful muscle disease in the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje!