Siberian Huskies without an overbite


Overbites are increasingly common in Siberian Huskies. An overbite is an abnormal occlusion of the mouth where the lower jaw is shorter than the upper jaw. In most dogs with an overbite this malocclusion causes the canines and incisors of the lower jaw to damage the upper jaw.  


A recessive disorder

We now know more about the inheritance of this abnormality and found out that the condition is likely a recessive disorder. These types of disorders are more easily expressed when there is inbreeding in a population. Inbreeding occurs when the breeding population is small or if only a small proportion of the population is used to produce the next generation.


The responsible gene

The veterinary researchers believe that a simple recessive gene causes this overbite. Hence, a relatively simple DNA analysis should be sufficient to identify that gene.


Will you help?

The veterinary researchers need your help to find this gene and make the important step to eradicate this abnormal bite in Siberian Huskies.

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