A healthy start for every cat

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Cats are wonderful animals, in their appearance as well as in their behavior. Despite their popularity, we see that the well-being and health of our domestic cats is compromised on a daily basis. This is due to harmful breed characteristics and hereditary disorders, which often lead to welfare problems.


It often occurs that cats unfortunately are bred in an undesirable way, for example cats with short legs or cats without whiskers. A disturbance of the species specific external and functional characteristics not only poses a risk to the welfare and health of the animal, but also ignores the intrinsic value of the animal and its species. A cat with no whiskers or tactile hair is limited in its unique sensitive perception compared to its healthy counterpart.


Objective health criteria


The Expertise Centre for Genetics of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine wants to investigate the possibilities to draw up criteria for an objective assessment of cats used for breeding. Based on these criteria, veterinarians will be able to help cat breeders choose the right female and male cat to produce a healthy litter. By choosing the specific criteria and correct animal parent, we can prevent the passing on of harmful characteristics or predispositions to diseases as much as possible to their kittens.

These health criteria will contribute to a healthy future for every cat! Can we count on you to help us? Support Healthy Breeding for a future without hereditary diseases.


Will you help us?


With your contribution the veterinary researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be able to work on these important health criteria for cats.